Gay Spanking Movies – Exploring New Sensations

When it comes to gay spanking movies for men, one movie stands out above all others- “Mr. and Mrs. Smith.” Perhaps it has something to do with Angelina Jolie in that dominatrix outfit punishing the wicked man for selling weapons. The scene is sexy and well done considering it isn’t an “adult” film. The thought though is stimulating for a lot of men. After all who wouldn’t want to be spanked by Angelia in that outfit? 

Gay Spanking though isn’t all about pain, yes, there is pain that is involved, but it is more about trust in your partner. For men, spanking is allowing the partner to control the situation. In society today, there is a lot of hype on the man’s role and how they should be in charge of everything, including sex in the bedroom. The fact is though men, just as much as women want to let go of those restraints and be submissive. Pain is often a catalyst for some people that help them trigger an orgasm. This is by no means signs that the individual has been abused in their past, it is more about how well they know their body. The pain associated with a spanking session releases endorphins from the brain that can make people more aware of the pleasure they are experiencing. 

Just like females being spanked during intercourse, the male also feels the rush of the unexpected pain, and it sends a jolt throughout the body. Once the jolt of pain is triggered and mingled in with pleasure, the brain conceives the experience as a means for arousal. If you are just starting out to explore the world of gay spanking, it is best to start simple. There is no need for the whips- yet. Begin with light love taps. 

Some people like to be spanked on their rear end, some the back and even the face. Start light and begin to apply pressure and intensity as your partner requests. Once you both are comfortable with the experience you can begin to add the toys. There are a lot of toys on the market to increase the pain factor when it comes to spanking. You can buy wooden paddles, whips, some like chains while others want feathers. The kind of toy you bring into the bedroom can always change with the mood. Perhaps you start off spanking with your hand, and aggress to the paddle and then the chains once your partner is tied up. 

The important thing to remember is boundaries. Your partner trusts you not to put them in the hospital, but to give them pleasure. Spanking doesn’t necessary mean you or your partner is into S&M. Sex is to be an exploration of emotion, pleasure and submission. If you or your partner isn’t comfortable with the spanking, then stop and try something else. Gay spanking doesn’t have to be taboo. It can be a wonderful experienced shared by both parties- and a lot of people in a party. The fact is, pain teeters on pleasure and spanking is one way to breakthrough into a whole new world of sexual desires that you may not have experienced before.

Not so Sexy: A Brief History of Spanking in the Movies

Although spanking is commonly associated mainly with pornographic films, it has also had a long and sometimes controversial history in mainstream movies. The movie industry, born in the age of “spare the rod and spoil the child,” and acceptance of violence against women in some circumstances, featured scenes or sometimes suggestions of spankings in a variety of films or just their publicity. The movie spankings could take on forms ranging from a single, light swat on the bottom to serious thrashings that sometimes involved more than the hand. The spanking images in most cases affirmed accepted hierarchies–parents (usually fathers) spanked children and men spanked women, with women spanking men limited to pornographic settings.

Spanking in the movies goes back to the silent era–one of the earliest movie spankings took place in the 1907 Stage Struck. Mary Pickford, the most glamorous actress of the silent era, was spanked in multiple movies including Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm, Pollyana, and Tess of the Storm Country. Movie spankings continued into the talkie era, and were meted out in positions that ranged from the familiar over-the-knee to lying flat or over-the shoulder. One of the most famous spanking scenes from this era from The Cowcatcher’s Daughter. And the 1934 Motion Picture Production Code that for two decades governed what was acceptable to show in mainstream movies, appears to have never proscribed spankings, but mainly transformed their use into comic euphemisms for sexual activity.

One very common movie genre that featured spanking was the romantic comedy/drama that usually revolved around the man “taming” the woman. One of the earliest examples can be found in the 1915 silent film, Mabel’s Willful Way. Movie spanking as woman-taming continued throughout the twentieth century, and the most famous examples included the movie version of the musical Kiss Me Kate in 1953, as well as its inspiration, Shakespeare’s The Taming of the Shrew, whose spanking scene was brought to the screen in 1967 by Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor.

The other genre, family dramas, featured spankings as part of the disciplining of naughty children, and were mostly comic and innocuous and took place in the context of lighthearted movies such as Our Gang or The Little Rascals series. Although over the decades, these images of spanking as just punishment were replaced by those of spanking as abuse, there have been occasional recurrences of the “spankee” getting his just deserts, such as in the Italian movie, Respiro, in which the bully is spanked by his victim.In the context of adult male-female relationships, however, spanking became increasingly controversial, and recent appearances of spanking in movies have been either in the context of criticizing male assumptions about women wanting to be spanked, as portrayed in Along Came Polly, or as part of the mainstreaming of sadomasochism, first promoted in Maggie Gyllenhall’s career-risking role in Secretary. This mainstream movie portrayal of spanking in a sadomasochistic context paved the way for widely popular, if still controversial, 2015 movie, Fifty Shades of Grey.

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